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In this video I show how to make an internal hack for any game using DirectX9 and imgui to render a menu and chams. I hook functions using the vtable and steal the game’s d3d device to render things like the menu and wallhacks. This is a simple series for beginners and intermediate skills in game hacking in C++ 2019.


  1. The function GetD3D9Device doesn't work properly in this video, I fixed the code in part 3 the last episode I posted, so copy the function from that video. This is the reason why when you inject you aren't getting a message box, etc.

  2. One of my main complaints is having to listen to this music for a tutorial, it's hard to watch the video and try to listen to you. Some music is great for the background, this is not.

  3. anyone know how to fix
    'namespace "Detours" has no member uint8_t'

    oEndScene = (EndScene)Detours::X86::DetourFunction((Detours::uint8_t*)d3d9Device[42], (Detours::uint8_t*)hkEndScene);

  4. Thank you so much! I don't want do any super advanced hacking or harm anyone I just want coins, diamonds, etc that comes with certain games because sometimes I just want to be rich automatically without taking forever to actually earn, lmao. This kind of stuff is already a little familiar with me because of the html classes I've taken.


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