Let’s take a look back at the brutal FPS Monster Survival game that never got really popular. I played it when it released but unfortunately the player based slowed pretty fast, even though it’s not abandoned yet. What do you all think of Space Hulk: Deathwing? Have you played it or do you think it looks good?

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  1. Just bought it yesterday for 7,5 euros on steam. Just tried tutorial full graphics game looks pretty fine, sensations feels good with weapon… I really hope all the reasons people had to hate it are no longer valid

  2. It was too badass for me to wait, I got it without perms on my ps4 and deleted the note on moms phone saying thank you for your purchase and begun to flame to death everything. On day 1, I killed 5 broodlords

  3. Just stopping by to state, if you think this FPS had any workable gun mechanics or functionality, you seriously are a prime candidate to become a servitor. Pure Trash cash grab with 0 qualities, and I love 40k but not enough to gurgle this nurgle juice box. I pre-ordered with high hopes, and the Emperor truly abandoned me on this one.

  4. How not to launch a beautiful game. SH's marketing was crap. Release was buggy as hell. Games upgrade was leaps ahead and still couldn't draw the fans back.Too bad, this could have been more glorious with every expansion.

  5. I had a lot of fun with Deathwing. It had a lot of technical problems when it released and the campaign isn't too long but I still enjoyed it and no 40k game to date has captured the grimdark ambiance of the setting better. Still fun to pop into once in a while with friends.

  6. The main problem was lack of story. It was just mindless shooting into hords of enemies and even the super high tech armor seems like it doesn't do much at all.
    It was wasted potential which is sad because it looked so cool. Imagine game with proper storyline, customizations, different worlds and so on. It would be just awesome.

  7. I preordered this game so fucking quick. I get to play as my favorite units from the TT. I made a squad for these guys, gave me a reason to get a terminator librarian 🦾

  8. Deathwing has problems. The single player is sometimes horrible in its mission difficulty. Chapter 6-7 has the most problems i'v noticed. Multiplayer is incredibly glitchy and it can disconnect you any second. I thought I had an excellent connection but apparently I need a godlike one as I can't play for shit.


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